Training Manual


Congratulations and welcome to Mrs. Martys! This will be your training guide. This manual has a wealth of information that you will need to succeed at Mrs. Martys.



ADDRESS: 1991 Sproul Rd. Broomall, PA. 19008 (Lawrence Park Shopping Center)


TELEPHONE: 610.359.1996   FAX: 610.359.1688

HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon-Sat 7am-9pm,  Sun 7am-8pm


OWNER: Marty Godfrey


PAYMENT:  Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Cash, Mrs. Martys gift cards and Travelers Checks


  • Maintains complete knowledge of products, operating procedures, service specifications and company information.
  • Position yourself in your assigned section and acknowledge your guests with good eye contact and a smile.
  • Maintain section, front and back servicing areas, before, during and after shifts.
  • Check for guests with special requests, dietary restrictions, and meeting them to the fullest potential.
  • Performs assaigned opening and closing side work (including cleaning) before and after shift.
  • Will check out with a manager or captian prior to departing each shift.
  • Informs management of guest’s reactions, comments and any potential problems/complaints that may occur.
  • Knows and uses techniques and food knowledge described in the Mrs. Martys manual.
  • Helps promote and maintain a safe, clean and friendly environment for co-workers and guests.
  • Gets along with management and other co-workers and assist in tasks not normally his/her own (i.e. greeting co-workers tables, bussing, cleaning)
  • Attends all meetings, trainings and is aware of events in his/her department.
  • Knows how to service, speak and conduct his/herself while on property in a professional and elegant manor.
  • Has knowledge of Jewish cuisine and culture
  • The job duties and responsibilities listed are just a general outline and are not limited to. You will be required to perform other duties assigned by management.


At the start, end and during each shift, there will be duties that need to be completed and performed to maintain the proper operation of the restaruant. For opening side work and set-up duties and closing shift duties there will be a sheet filled out with individual assignments. During your training period you will be trained on how to perform and complete each duty listed. Failure to complete the opening or closing duties will result in a written warning.

Start of shift:

  • Do not be late. Be dressed in uniform and ready to work at sign in time.
  • All personal belongings must be left in the assigned areas.
  • No cell phones in the restaruant during the shift.
  • Help set up the restaurant.
  • Complete assigned opening duties.
  • Each employee is responsible to write down and know the specials for the day/night, the items that are unavailable and what we are running low on.


After the doors are closed:

  1. Attend to all closing side work and cleaning of station duties.
  2. After assigned closing work is completed, help with remaining closing duties.


The following behaviors are grounds for disciplinary action: poor performance, tardiness, insubordination, drug (use/distribution), fighting, complaints, cell phone use and stealing. Disciplinary actions consist of a verbal warning, written warning, suspension and termination.


There is a training period for new employees when attitude, menu knowledge and teamwork skills are evaluated by management. This process will include written menu tests. During this period employees will be continuously evaluated and may be dismissed at any time. At the end of training period management will make a decision to either dismiss or retain the trainee as a part time/full time employee.


Food knowledge tests will be given until all tests have been successfully completed. All front of the house employees need to know the beverages and foods offered at Mrs. Martys in order to begin serving guests both at tables and over the counter.

Items on tests are as follows:

    1. All food items on menu
    2. All food items in deli case
    3. a) Fishes
    4. b) Spreads
    5. d) Lunch meats
    6. e) Cheeses
    7. f) Salads
    8. g) Kinishs
    9. All beverages
    10. a) Fountain drinks
    11. b) Bottled beverages
    12. All breads we carry
    13. Dessert



Mrs. Martys has an individual tipping policy for all servers on the floor. Meaning tips are the sole responsibility of the server. Mrs. Martys INC. is not responsible for lost or stolen tips. It is the servers responsibility to collect and manage their own tips that they receive from their assigned section. Servers will in no way approach or question a guest in regards to a tip they received.

Counter employees:

Mrs. Martys has a pooled house policy in regards to tips given at the counter for good service. Included in the pool are: grill cooks, sandwich board, counter help and cashiers. All tips collected during a shift are to be put into a designated envelope at the cash resgister and handed to a manager at the end of that shift. Mrs. Martys INC is not responsible for any lost or stolen tips. Management will disperse the tips evenly among all employees working that shift. No individual is to take any tip for themselves.

      • Staff is responsible for the cleanliness of their own uniform. Your uniform should always be clean and free of offensive odors.
      • There will be no excuse for soiled, uacceptable appearance. No holes or tears in uniform will be tolorated. If uniform is unacceptable you will be asked to go home and change.
      • Perfume and cologne should not be worn at work
      • Everyone should be aware of his or her own personal hygiene. Offensive body and mouth odors are obviously unacceptable (i.e. brush and shower before your scheduled shifts)
      • Do not carry cell phones


Credit cards: We accept all major credit cards.

Travelers Checks: Follow these proceedures:

    1. The check must be in U.S. dollars
    2. Ask guest for valid photo ID (drivers license or passport)
    3. On the check there should be a signature and you should be present for the second signature. Make sure they match.
    4. Record all of the customer’s information on the back of the traveler check: full name, last 4 digits of their ID #, DOB. If more than one traveler check is used all information must be written on each check upon completion of transaction.
        1. Treat the traveler check as cash and give change if needed.

    Gift cards: Mrs. Martys gift cards look like credit cards and are treated as such. First the balance of the card must be checked and then payment can be processed. Upon using a combination of gift card and credit card, the gift card must be authorized and approved first before continuing with second form of payment. Any balance will remain on the card and may be used the next time they dine at Mrs. Martys.

    Cash: Money must not be put in pocket or handled in inconspicuous areas. All cash transactions must be entered into the computer and put into the register. Do not leave cash, checks or tips on the table or counter unattended.


Mrs. Martys style of service is friendly, personable and prompt. We want to create an enviroment where people feel invited and part of the family. By this we mean it is important to treat each guest like a VIP. Get to know your regulars and their ordering habbits. We encourage employees to engage customers in friendly dialogue without getting too personal or having it interfer with quality of service to other customers (i.e. during busy times).

It is your goal as a server or counter person to give each guest a dinning or take-out experience to remember rather than just a meal. That means you are required to be knowlegable about the full menu and all food products we sell over the counter. It is the counter persons responsibility to make sure all take-out food is complete and goes to the right customer. And it is the servers responsibility to make sure the right food makes it to the table in a presentable and timely manor.


A Mrs. Martys servers or counter persons’ job is to provide our guests with a memorable meal/experience. By using the power of suggestion, you can sell and up sell without making a guest feel uncomfortable.

You can suggest one of our new items like the brisket hoagie by sharing what is so good and unique about it as they look over the menu. Always have a couple of your favorite menu items ready to recommend. If you have a regular customer you can encourage them to explore the new menu items.

Towards the end of the meal always drop the check with a dessert menu during lunch and dinner. Check back to see if you can interest them in something by making a recommendation.

It is your job to know the dinner specials and brunch specials each day so you can confidently explain the items and recommend them.


Multitasking is one of the most difficult parts of being a Mrs. Martys server. You are responsible for the timing and arival of the food as well as the beverages. The hardest part is to time the hot and cold food to come out and to stay on top of beverage refills. It is important to coordinate and manage these tasks with your coworks when need be.


An employee who works behind the “counter” includes sandwich board (or sandwich makers), cashiers and any other over the counter help. Below is a guide for employees to follow for opening, closing and stocking proceedures. The duties on this list are expected to be followed and fulfilled each day or as needed in some cases. You are responsible for this list but not limited to it. You may be asked to fulfill other duties that are not on the list by management at any given time.


Fill clear plastic bagel container for toasted bagels
– 6 pumpernickle, 6 marble, 6 multigrain, 6 egg, 9 plain
– 6 cinnamon raisin, 6 poppy, 6 sesame
– use sliced bagels from last night first
– check for mold

Slice all hoagie and kaiser rolls ¾ of the way through
– Put half of each in plastic bags and put in bin under grill
– Put the other half in plastic bags and put in bin next to sandwich board

Uncover all salads in deli case
– Put scoopers in salads
– Put slotted spoons in fruit salad and cole slaw
– Stir salads to look fresh
– Keep salad wrapped in saran where water drips in deli case

Stock the Bay Marie (see photo diagram)

Slice corned beef
– Slice enough to fill 2 large clear tubs
– Wrap in individual clear plastic at weight of .30 each
– Fill 2 clean clear tubs with the wrapped corned beef packs
– Put one in the refrigerator at the grill and the other in the mini refrigerator under counter

Slice pastrami
– Slice enough to fill a small black plastic container (about 12 packs)
– Wrap in individual clear plastic at weight .30 each
– Put in the mini refrigerator under counter

Slice Turkey
– Slice enough to fill one large clear plastic tub
– Wrap in individual clear plastic at weight of .30 each
– Put in mini refrigerator under the counter

Make 8 Italian hoagie packs
– Lay out on clear plastic wrap
– 4 slices of pepper ham, 4 slices of capocollo ham, 4 slices of genoa salami
– Fold in half and put under Bay Marie

Slice domestic ham (8 packs)
– Wrap in individual clear plastic at weight .30 each
– Put under Bay Marie

Slice roast beef (8 packs)
– Wrap in individual clear plastic at weight .30 each
– Put under Bay Marie

Slice american cheese (approx 12 packs)
– Lay out in sets of 2 alternating direction
– Stack about 3” high and wrap in saran
– Fill entire top shelf of mini referigerator

Slice provolone cheese (10 packs)
– Stack about 3” high and wrap in saran
– Put in mini refrigerator under counter

Slice swiss cheese (15 packs)
– Stack about 3” high and wrap in saran
– Put in mini refrigerator under counter

Prep hoagie lettuce
– Shred and chop 1 head of iceberg
– Fill one shallow metal pan and put on Bay Marie
– Lay a wet paper towel over top lettuce

Check all salad bar items for freshness and fullness
– Fill or replace where needed
– Slice tomatoes

Lay rye bread at bottom of 2 large clear plastic tubs
– Put one full tub under Bay Marie and the other in the walk-in refrigerator
– Put date on the one in the walk-in

Slice white onions as needed
– One full large clear plastic tub under Bay Marie

Clean coffee cart
– Take 2 glass coffee carafes to dishwasher
*make sure burners are OFF
Empty large plastic hazelnut coffee dispenser to dishwasher
– Wipe down cart
– Straighten and restock cups, stirrers, lids etc…
– *Put creamers in mini refrigerator behind counter
– Set up for morning
— Put clean glass coffee carafes on burners
— Put clean plastic hazelnut dispenser on cart
— Put out hazelnut

Clean pastry case
– Wipe down all trays
– Wipe down the front doors

Slice all breads on shelf
– Put all sliced bread in designated bus tub and wrap with large trash bag

Bag all bagels from out front bins and bring behind the deli counter

Wipe and clean all bagel bins out front

Clean the glass front of the deli case

Clean all three slicers

Wipe down all counter tops behind counter and deli case ledge

Change all deli salad containers and fish spread containers
– Wrap all in saran

Clean out both toasters and turn OFF

Clean all scales and turn OFF

Clean off Bay Marie
– Change out all of the plastic containers holding food with new ones

Clean out bread box
– Bag all breads

Clean out all of the tracks of the deli case sliding doors

Put all bread that is stored under the counter on the metal deli case ledge


  • Bread bags under bread slicer (Lg and Sm)
  • Twist ties
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic gloves
  • Crackers
  • Jellies
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • All take-out bags (plastic and paper)
  • Straws
  • Bin
  • Salt and pepper packets
  • All plastic utensiles
  • All condiments (syrups, ketchup etc..)
  • Rolls of deli paper and fish paper
  • Plastic salad containers and lids (sm, med, lg)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Saran wrap
  • Register paper
  • Plastic club containers
  • Styrofoam to-go containers
  • Souffle’ cups and lids
  • Take-out cup holders
  • Potato chips
  • Full container of wrapped pickel slices
  • Halavah
  • Fill
  • All candy
  • All soda in case and counter
  • Water
  • Fill dessert case
  • Cookies
  • Ruggela
  • Knish bread

  • Top of board
  • Croutons (both quart container and lg bag under counter
  • Wraps (wheat and white)
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raisins
  • Olives
  • Oil
  • Mustard
  • Oregano
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Peanut butter
  • Under Bay Marie left door
  • 2x Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Salad bar
  • Chic peas
  • Beets
  • Tomatos
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Lite cream cheese
  • Under Bay Marie middle door
  • Sliced cream cheese
  • Pineappple stuffing
  • Pan of lox
  • Hot peppers
  • Sweet peppers
  • Green olives
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Cottage cheese
  • Mayo
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Cole slaw
  • Under Bay Marie right door
  • Italian hoagie set-ups
  • Ham packs
  • Roast beef packs
  • bag of spinach
  • Pan of leaf lettuce with wet paper towel
  • Pan of romaine lettce with wet paper towel
  • Caesar dressing
  • Russian dressing
  • Yellow mustard
  • Capers
  • Horseradish mayo
  • Pickeled red onions
  • Avocado


*Keep case clean, neat and fully stocked at all times

  • Russian dressing container full
  • All salads full and stirred when needed to look fresh
  • 3 turkeys wrapped in saran
  • 3 roast beef wrapped in saran
  • 4 pastrami
  • Keep all opened meats and cheeses wrapped in saran at all times

  • Rotate and restock fish case every Friday
  • Rotate and restock all meats and cheeses on delivery days
  • Fill rice pudding cups for waitress station
  • Deep clean deli case once a month



Below is a guide for employees who work on the grill to follow for opening, closing and stocking proceedures. The duties on this list are expected to be followed and fulfilled each day or as needed in some cases. You are responsible for this list but not limited to it. You may be asked to fulfill other duties that are not on the list by management at any given time.


Turn on fryer to 350 (or 400)
*Check to make sure the pilot light is on

Wash down grill with seltzer water
– Scrape off water with grill scrape
– Wipe down grill with paper towel
– Wipe grill-on onto the grill

Fill Benedict pan with hot water and turn on low

Check all refrigerators and freezer
– Stock what’s needed *(see stock list)

Check brisket pan (cut as needed)

Set up counter under microwave
– Put out bacon tray
– Put out cheese tray
– Put out all omelette ingredients and change to clean containers
– Put out a stack of eggs (2 for weekends)
– Put out french toast batter
– Put out pancake batter on clean plate
– Put out sour kraut
– Put out all breads
– Put out 3-4 Lg kitchen spoons by benedict pot
– Put out 1 whisk in pancake batter and whip
– Put out 3-4 metal egg bowls and forks
– Put out 3 microwave lids

Clean and wipe down both microwaves

Wrap all bread and put inside microwaves. Including Matzo

Wrap all rolls underneath the the grill and close plastic bin

Put all eggs back into refrigerator on the right side of the 2nd shelf

All room temperature french fries and home fries are to be put into refrigerator next to eggs

Wrap all omelette ingredients in metal containers with saran
– Stack in refrigerator in front of french fries on second shelf
*DO NOT SMASH INGREDIENTS ( stack heavies to lightest)

Put plastic lids back on omelette ingredients that are in plastic containers
– Date them and put on top shelf of refrigerator

Cover bacon tray and put in refrigerator on 3rd shelf

Clean cheese tray
– Change the paper
– Wrap all cheese in saran
– Put on top of bacon tray in refrigerator

Put lid on sausage and scrapple pans and put on the bottom of refrigerator

Put all room temperature potato pancakes in refrigerator ONLY

Cover french toast batter and put on top shelf of refrigerator

Wash out pancake dispenser Everyday
– DO NOT combine batter. Put leftover batter in separate container
– Store in mini refrigerator
– Put out clean plate

Run all grill weights, lids, microwave lids, egg bowls and forks through dishwasher and reset for morning

Fill water squeeze bottle and put in deli case

Fill both russian dressing containers (squeeze bottle and container) and put in deli case

Take turkey and roast beef gravy
– Put in new metal containers
– Cover with tin foil
– Put into double door refrigerator in kitchen

Strain grill cooking oil to remove food particles
– Put into new metal container
– Cover with tin foil
– Leave on grill over night

Wipe down mini refrigerator (inside and out)

Put lid back on backup pancake batter and put in refrigerator

Wrap hollandaise sauce container with saran and put in refrigerator

Turn off grill, fryer and hot plate (benedicts)


Wipe down all 3 shelves underneath microwaves

Wipe down top of deli case and ledge

Put new paper down on ledge under weights and lids

Wipe down refrigerator doors

Take all dinners and veggies into kitchen walk-in refrigerator

Make sure the refrigerator is restocked for morning shift
– Including all omelette ingredients

Clean grill
– Take 2 large plastic buckets and one pickle bucket
– Clear off grill
– Take 50/50 degreaser and pour over grill and then scrape off
– Empty the grease pans under grill into empty bucket
– Pour water on grill and then scrape off
– Wipe down edges of grill with soapy sponge
– Pour pickle juice on grill and then scrape off
– Take wet white rag and wipe down grill
– Wipe down metal table under grill
– Change out the 2 pour trap pans under the grill with new ones
– Change out tray and scraper with clean ones under grill
– Send dirty ones to dishwasher
– Take all dirty spoons to dishwasher and replace with new ones

*Must strain fryer oil every day (between 3-4pm)
– Turn off fryer and let all waitresses know
– Have 2 Med metal pots, metal strainer and Lg metal pot
– Pour grease through strainer into 2 metal pots
– Use sponge or steel wool with soap and scrub inside
– Run cold water or seltzer water through and drain into lg metal pot several times until clean.
– Scrub down the inside and back of fryer
– Pour oil back in

*Every Thursday clean fryer and add NEW OIL

Wash knives, wights and lids and set on deli case ledge

Put dirty grill rags in DRY bucket in the sink over night

All empty 50/50 cleaner containers put back by basement steps


Top shelf
• Chicken wings
• Potato skins
• Liver
• Veggie burgers
• Bag of: corn, carrots, brussel sprouts and peas

Second shelf
• Chicken fingers
• Potato pancakes
• Crab cakes
• Mozzarella sticks

Third shelf
• Beef steaks
• Chicken steaks
• Blintz
• Onion rings

Bottom shelf
• French fries
• Home fries

*Make sure there is one container of everything needed for breakfast/omelettes during week days and 2 of everything for weekends!

Top Shelf
• 3 egg white cartons
• 2 quart containers of chocolate chips
• 2 quart containers of sausage buts
• 2 quart containers of bacon bits
• 2 quart containers of blueberries
• 2 quart containers of cherries
• 1 quart container of tomato pieces
• 1 quart container of chopped spinach
• 1 quart container of canadian bacon
• 1 small container of nova lox
• 1 small container of regular lox
• 1 medium pan of chopped broccoli
• 1 medium pan of mushrooms
• 1 metal pan of chopped onions
• 1 medium metal pan of chopped green peppers
• 1 medium pan of sweet peppers
• 1 medium pan of chopped ham bits
• 1 container of avocado
• 1 long metal pan of cream cheese
• 1 squeeze bottle of salsa
• 1 squeeze bottle of buffalo sauce
• 1 squeeze bottle of hollandaise sauce
• 1 Lg plastic tub of corned beef packs
• 4-6 ham steaks wrapped in foil
• 1 medium round plastic container of french toast batter

Second Shelf
• 1 pan of cream chipped beef
• 4-6 bowls of cream chipped beef portioned out
• 1 metal pan of grilled chicken breast
• 1 tube of hamburger meat
• 1 pan of 4-6 hamburger patties and 4 childrens burgers
• 1 pan of sliced brisket
• 1 pan of corned beef hash portioned out

Third Shelf
• All dinners and veggies from kitchen

Bottom Shelf
• Any backups of omelette ingredients that don’t fit on first shelf
• 1 medium metal pan of sausage patties
• 1 medium metal pan of scrapple
• 1 long metal pan of bacon
• 1 round metal container of tomato sauce with ladle
• 1 round metal container of cheese wiz with ladle
• 1-2 round plastic containers of meatballs

Mini Refrigerator
• 1 medium plastic container of sour kraut
• 1 large plastic container of pancake mix
• 1 medium metal container of hollandaise sauce

Deli Case
• Full large russian dressing container
• Full squeeze bottle of russian dressing
• Full squeeze bottle of water
• 1 ketchup bottle
• 1 medium metal pan full of hotdogs

Under Grill
• Hoagie rolls and Kaiser rolls in bin (filled by sandwich board)
• Hot dog rolls
• Brioche buns (hamburger buns)
• Grill oil

Top of microwave
• 2 loaves of texas bread
• 1-2 sliced Challah loaves
• 2 large grill rye bread loaves
• Paper goods (to go)
• 1 stack of black plastic plates with lids
• 1 stack of foil sandwich wrap
• 1 stack of clear cub containers
• 1 stack of small white styrofoam containers

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